Johnny Lemoine
architect + multidisciplinary designer


— Johnny Lemoine is an experienced furniture maker, illustrator, and architect living in Oakland, CA.

13" x 19" or 9" x 12" Print: Vaticano

13" x 19" or 9" x 12" Print: Vaticano

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St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City was built out of gorgeous travertine stone throughout the 16th century and houses Michelangelo’s statue Pieta behind bulletproof glass, among many other incredible pieces of art. This was the only work he ever signed. This watercolor illustration is from on-site in Italy, and I hope you enjoy these limited prints. Flat packed, protected from creasing with mat board, and ready for framing.

9" height x 12" width in an 11” height x 14” mat board


13” height x 19” width in an 18” height x 24” mat board

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