Johnny Lemoine
architect + multidisciplinary designer


— Johnny Lemoine is an experienced furniture maker, illustrator, and architect living in Oakland, CA.

13" x 19" Original: The Bearded House Ladies

13" x 19" Original: The Bearded House Ladies

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Did you know that the Bearded Ladies of San Francisco are just two blocks north of the Painted Ladies? Oh, yes! They get together for competitive backgammon each morning, smoke terrible cigars, moan about how difficult some of their divorces have gotten along with their painful hips, and threaten to move to the East Bay each time a tech bro on a scooter speeds by them. They’re so damn cute // Watercolor, pen and ink. Flat packed, protected from creasing with mat board and shipping wrap, and ready for framing.

13” height x 19” width in an 18” height x 24” white mat board

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