Johnny Lemoine
architect + multidisciplinary designer


— Johnny Lemoine is an experienced furniture maker, illustrator, and architect living in Oakland, CA.

13" x 19" or 9" x 12" Print: Duomo di Monreale

13" x 19" or 9" x 12" Print: Duomo di Monreale

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Duomo di Monreale with some improvisational color. This cathedral in Monreale, Palermo, is regarded as the most beautiful of the Norman churches in Sicily. The mosaics were made with 4850 lbs (2200 kg) of pure gold, experts have estimated. Craftsmen from Constantinople were employed to expedite the work. The Byzantine mosaics are among the most magnificent in the world // Pen and ink, and watercolor. Flat packed, protected from creasing with mat board, and ready for framing.

9" height x 12" width in an 11” height x 14” mat board


13” height x 19” width in an 18” height x 24” mat board

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