Johnny Lemoine
architect + multidisciplinary designer


Portmanteau is a combination of two (or more) words, or morphemes, into one new word. Like smoke and fog become smog, the separate purpleheart and hard maple pieces form a new entity, either a table or shelving (when vertical).

When apart they can become two smaller tables or bar stools when upright. Each is made up of 40 slats that are cut at 1" x 1.5" and are connected by steel rods on the interior.

Small details throughout the pieces are visible, showing off a purple cap on the maple piece, or a maple cap on the purple piece. These rods then double as a host for magnetic feet to lift Portmanteau off of the ground when needed, either as shelving, stools, or its original table function.

Portmanteau Small Portfolio.jpg
Portmanteau Apart.jpg
IMG_20130713_183010_hdr (1).jpg